Importance of Home Inspections

It is the Buyer's responsibility to be sure that the home they are buying is satisfactory to them in every respect.           Although the Sellers will provide information known to them through written disclosures, the Buyers have the right to have an inspection of  the property with qualified licensed home inspectors.       Buyers can check with their loan officer as to whether the partial or complete cost of inspections can be part of the loan financing

            You can ask your inspector for a detailed written list of what is covered, for example, the structural components, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation, ventilation, air conditioning and appliances.        Ask the inspector for a sample of past inspection reports.         You can also have separate specialized inspections performed on each home component.         You can ask your inspector to place into writing how many inspections he has performed, is he a California licensed contractor, and for a copy of the Errors & Omissions Insurance policy, General Liability policy & Bond policy.            Finally, you can ask if your inspector is a member of organizations such as,,,   or licensed by



Open the Yellow Pages to "Building & Home Inspection Services", in order to choose the inspectors of their choice, as well as separate areas of specialty such as but not limited to CH&A and Toxic Mold.        Buyers can and are encouraged to have multiple inspections in the same area of specialty as inspectors have, on occasion, identified additional discrepancies, which an original inspector failed to note.     It is vital to ensure that you or your home inspector includes color photos of discrepancies with the report to ensure that all parties understand any items of concern.